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Tuesday, 31 March 2015



          Google is the most used search engine in the world no doubt, if you're just getting into the university, you'll probably be getting ready to spend more time searching up stuff for those long text essays and assignments in no time.
        This post will help brush up your skills on the search engine, whether you're a student doing his assignment online or just some knowledge freaking rolling around looking for any readable stuff. Below we've been able to compile as many as over twenty skills, tricks and tips to get the most out of your search results.

          Make use of the advanced search tool: This will enable you add some search determiners that will narrow down your search. Under the advanced search, there quite a lot of sub tools that help you get the best out of search results
    Domain search: This will instruct google to draw up info from sites with a specific domain, such as .ng , .edu... This is quite helpful if you need the info to come from an authoritative source, such as government owned websites, or websites owned by educational institutes.

  Search by file type : This is great for selecting the type of file categories you want to see embeded in your categories. It could be set to .doc , .pdf , .pnj... For example, I could want search " atmospheric pollution" but I just want to find out articles that are available in PDF format, I will set my file type to .pdf.
  Use quotation around word in a search phrase to poin out to google that you stricly want search results on that particular phrase.
  Eliminate search by synonyms: Some times google  may bring up some results that may have little to do with your initial search, this is because most times google uses synonyms, this are words realated to yours by spelling. To eliminate this, use the + sign before your search phrases.
  Language tool: Use the language selector tool, to specify the language your search results appear in.

    GOOGLE FOR THE SHOLAR: This is a nice tool developed by gooogle for students to help make reference search very easy.

   With the google for the scholar search feature, you could...

   Search documents by author. Google could be instructed to pick out search results based on a specific author's name.
 Search for refernces By putting your phrases in quotation marks, you could get, articles that make refernce to your search phrases.
 Make field selections.  With advanced search you can pick out search results in specific disciplines such as art, science, physics, plant study. This will bring up artcles structured on different themes yet have a thing or to to say about that search phrase you used.
  Search by date Get search results that have been updated at a certain time.

 Search library links and ebook links. Brings out search results backed up by references to some libraries.

Searc on wiki Search info on wikipedia.

   Search within a website This tool helps you search keywords and keyphrases within a particular website or webpage.

 Create custom search You can customise your search permanently, set up sites you want to get info from and all that.

  Google toolbar Use the tool bar to the right to share results on socials with your friends or even email them.
   Use Hyphen to exclude words in search...
 For example

The above search will instruct google to bring out results on cars excluding anything on ferraris

  Find sites related to each other:  With the syntax Related:site url. You could get sites related to the one you've entered.

 There quite a lot of tips that could make google a handy tool in your hands, you could also use audio commands to instruct google, get weather search results for a location, this could be done by typing "weather" Followed by the location. Google could define words for use, look up an ares zipcode, fils scheduled to be shown in various cinemas in different cities, all through your search bar!





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